LocomotiveCMS on Heroku

LaunchPad Lab has created a simple, Heroku integration to host the powerful Rails-based LocomotiveCMS

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Content Management Systems

There are countless Content Management Systems to choose from, but many of them lack key features that can constrain your website and perhaps even your business over time. We've found that Locomotive CMS is a powerful CMS designed to save time and help you focus on what matters.

Setup Process

We've used this powerful CMS platform a number of times and have come up with a streamlined process for getting up and running quickly.

By leveraging our preferred hosting platform, Heroku, we've created a 1-click install button to automatically setup LocomotiveCMS for you in the cloud.



You can access 2 configurations we will use for Locomotive CMS. Select either single-site or multi-site to use the deploy to Heroku button.

  • Single site: If you plan on just hosting one site for your business use this configuration.
  • Multi-site: If you plan on managing multiple sites for your business, use this configuration.

Each of these configurations allow us to quickly deploy a cloud-hosted CMS for a client. Once deployed, you can develop custom templates and content for your site.

About Us

LaunchPad Lab is a full-service web design and development studio that focuses on growing our clients’ businesses. We've built custom database-backed web applications, including advanced content management systems. If you'd like to get in touch with us, feel free to reach out to us here.